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+++where is world major eod now? we have included it in klse eod file. Now both klse eod and world major indices in a single file for easy conversion
+++Price Adjustment / Stock Rename / IPO (which happens periodically) It is now made easy for you, KAD that you have just downloaded shall reflect on these changes. When UNZIP, choose mode: Extract & Update files.
total downtimes in 2018: 11-day or (96.98% System Up)
total accumulated downtimes in 2017: 2-day OR (99.45% System Up)
total accumulated downtimes in 2016: 9-day OR (97.53% System Up)
total accumulated downtimes in 2015: 6-day OR (98.4% System up)
total accumulated downtimes in 2014: 6-day OR (98.4% System up)
total accumulated downtimes in 2013: 10-day OR (97.1% System up)
total accumulated downtimes in 2012: 17-day OR (95.3% System up)

***Info: The Downloader (v11) works well with Window XP. It is suggested for you to upgrade The Downloader to Version 11.00+ . Some charts may have errors to displayed in older versions if you were not at Version 10.+ =(
***Opn: Optional to run. +++Price Adjustment files are generated periodically whenever there is bonus/split issued. Do not run KAD files if you wish to retain stock-split records.
***Tips: (For those retaining of Version 8.x older version) Perform ONE eod file at any ONE time in The Downloader though it allows more than one file. Whenever folder 0 to 9 populated with lots of data, simply delete these data and Redo the eod file conversion. Remember the stock-code is unique and appears ONLY once in your KLSE folder.
*** Tips: Do the "Convert" button in The Downloader again on the previous EOD data file will give you more accurate data. The conversion is not based on orderly basis. It may convert previous week/year eod then today eod. Vice-verse.
***Info: KLSE major index or volume may appear the following day or days due to data propagada internet.
***Info: Please renew your membership before expiry to avoid any inconvenience.
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"WOW! KLSEdaily.com has engaged 19-year to this date! Man! It is a big WOW, I cant imagine when i put up this can survive that long!" .... klsedaily.COM editor StanleyHIU :P
@bove creation is by a bunch of good batch of subscribers simply like you & me. Altogether, we are the band of brothers confronting the big boyz outthere. Good Luck this year!