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This website does only one thing at best... supplying accurate the KLSE equities data. KLSEdaily.com established in 1998 to provide KLSE data or KLSE eod (End of Day) data and functioned as data storage, a.k.a "KLSE Data Bank". Stock code + open + high + low + close + volume. Sound familiar? Please read on. It is a common playground created by investors for investors. Unlike other free online klse providers, this website is the most popular Metastock-orientated, which the most comprehensive and straight forward. Klse data is managed and cleaned periodically at peace wherever & whenever. Frequent stock-split, dividend, stock-rename will be updated constantly. KLSEdaily.com is using Stock Code for klse data conversion in shorter time. All data is compatible to and work perfectly to MetaStock(V10.0+ metastock program++).

Can Do: fit in well for metastock program. Suit for short term (eg. 3 months+) trading pattern.
Can Not Do: intraday players.
Serving audience: newbies, remisers, fund managers, academic analyser & those who like to glance through klse chartings.
Prerequisite : Metastock installed prior to view all klse's data on this website. For academical analysis, excel data format is available manually(only).
1st-timer beginner: Klse Archieve Data(KAD) comes in displaying common indicators (MACD & RSI &Stochastic) so that you know how to start up with.

Frequent questions: " I already have online free charting and why do i need this for?"
Popular answer: - Metastock can having comparison of two or three equities on Same Chart. - Capable to search today's breakout according to your formulas...etc

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