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This website does one thing at best. To supply as accurate as possible KLSE equity data. KLSEdaily.com established in 1998 to provide KLSE data or KLSE eod (End of Day) data and functioned as data storage, a.k.a "KLSE Data Bank". This is a common visit created by investors for investors.

Unlike other online klse data service providers, this website is the most popular Metastock-orientated, which is comprehensive and easy to use. Klse data is managed and cleaned periodically. Frequent stock-split, reverse-split, dividend, stock-rename will be updated constantly.

Question: "There are free online charting and why do i still need this klse data for?"
Answer: Metastock is capable to compare multiple equities on same chart. And to search breakout over all counters(depend on formula). You are in control when come to metastocks.