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Browsing is made straight forward. KLSEdaily.com est. in 1998 to provide KLSE data or KLSE eod (End of Day) data storage. It is a common playground "website" created by investors for a investor. This playgound is the most comprehensive, easy to hand-on and cheap to start off with. Klse data is managed and cleaned to allow you browse easily wherever you are. Frequent stock-split and stock-rename will be updated regularly. Unlike others KLSE service provider, KLSEdaily.com is using Stock Code for klse data conversion. Data is compatible to MetaStock(V10.0+ metastock program++). You are required to have Metastock to view all klse's charting on this website. For academical analysis, it is possible to convert into excel data format individually. For beginner, Klse Archieve Data(KAD) comes in displaying common indicators (MACD / RSI) so that you are up to speed with the rest of fund managers.

Can Do: Suit for 3 months+(short term minimum) trading pattern.
Can Not Do: intraday players. Detour now!
Serving audience: newbies, remisers, fund managers, academic analysier & those who like to glance thru klse charting.

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